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About Me

I'm a full-stack rails/angular engineer with an entrepreneurial streak. I have a deep interest in startups (sold one, founded two) and the impact they have as technology shapes more of our lives. I'm an avid reader and lifelong learner. Email me


VTS is a commercial real estate startup that is changing the way buildings and deals are managed. I'm a full-stack engineer working with AngularJS and Rails. I also manage several recruiting initatives. If you're interested in learning about VTS, email me

Farmplicity (Acquired)

Farmplicity is an online marketplace where local restaurants can order from local farmers. I built the prototype for an entrepreneurship class at Wash U and have been iterating on it since then. We have over 200 farmers and restaurants from St. Louis signed up.


WorkHands is the blue-collar LinkedIn. It helps workers demonstrate their abilities and find work outside of their immediate network. I developed the job board as well as many core features of the site.

Washington University

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a major in Economics & Strategy and a major in Entrepreneurship. Economics & Strategy was a major centered around game theory and econometrics. Entrepreneurship was a cross-curriculum major that had classes across multiple schools.


PDF Resume

PDF Resume





Hey there. My name is Andrew Lin and this is a website about me.

I Love Technology
I am a tech aficionado enamored with how software transforms lives. I believe that software is an equalizer that opens up new opportunities for learning and communicating. It also automates structured tasks to free up time for other pursuits. With the proper precautions, technology can (and does) improve how we live.

I have an endless amount of interests, but my biggest passion is startups. Startups are the intersection between my love for technology and my admiration for businesses.

Business Background
When I was 13 years old, I read a book that shifted my world view. After that, I wanted to start a business and make investments to achieve a lifestyle where the biweekly paycheck wasn’t the only goal. I took business classes in high school and proceeded to business school at Washington University in St. Louis. The Economics & Strategy major gave me a framework to understand how competition and strategy work. In 2013, I finally pulled the trigger and co-founded two startups. It’s been a whirlwind adventure since then and an incomparable learning experience.

Technology Background
My interest in technology developed concurrently with my interest in business. However, I was on the sidelines for much of my life since I was a consumer rather than a creator. That changed when I attended Dev Bootcamp in the summer of 2012. Dev Bootcamp propelled my programming knowledge to a point where I was confident enough to continue learning on my own. Learning to code has been empowering, since I can build my ideas and see people utilizing my product.