Personal Growth After College

College is one of the most transformational periods of your life. You spend time away from home, living amongst new friends and a new community. And then you do the same thing for four years.

At least that's my experience.

My life since I graduated 8 months ago has been a humbling and transformational experience. I finally feel like an individual capable of doing things on my own rather than relying upon other people to share experiences with. I love my friends to death, but the isolationist way non-school environments function has pushed me to become a more thoughtful human being.

Groupthink is mad powerful.

As you get older, you tend to care less about what other people think and learn to live life your own way, unbeholden to others.

College is in past now, but I always wonder what it would've been like if the norm had been to take a year off in between sophomore and junior year. Would people come back with superior experiences that would develop even stronger bonds?