Happy City

I read this book a few months ago, but I forgot to post my notes about it. Here are some thoughts and quotes that stuck with me.

"A city can be friendly to people or it can be friendly to cars but it can't be both"

Hedonic treadmill

Less leisure time produces more troubled children

Social networks are weaker because of distance

Relationships with people have a strong impact on happiness

“Their finding was seemingly straightforward: the longer the drive, the less happy people were”

page 95

“The conclusion: killer drivers are so common in sprawl that the carnage they create far exceeds the damage done by killers who use other weapons”

Sprawl is going to get harder to maintain/live in with rising energy prices

Nature art makes people feel better (page 108) - biophilia

page 111

“The nature viewers were much more likely to say they valued deep relationships with other people than the city viewers, who came out more focused on extrinsic goals, such as getting rich”

Green volunteer work is better for your health than even regular volunteer work

page 123

“Biological density must be the prerequisite for architectural density”

page 128

need a balance between being around people with serendipity (not getting that time eaten up by a commute - but also the ability to have alone time - people who are all alone are the most unhappy

page 128

“Serendipity disappears in the time eaten up by the commute and in that space between car windshields and garage doors"