45 Day Sprint

I just spent the last 45 days putting in extra work and extra hours into a great company. I spent 12 hours a day learning AngularJS and CSS best practices to work  on The Horse (http://instagram.com/p/uYqiemCMss/). The team really came together and now there’s a really positive energy that will carry us through beyond these 45 days. 

Ask me about my 45 days next time you see me. I seriously learned a ton.

But that’s not the focus of this post. There’s way too much that happened to be encapsulated inside a blog post. This post is about what I want to do with my newfound free time. I moved into my new apartment at the same time the 45 day sprint started, so I haven’t had much time after work to do anything. 

Things I want to continue/expand

- Learning iOS 8 and Swift programming
- Reading interesting books
- Writing to really digest my ideas
- Exploring New York City with old and new friends

Things I want to continue phasing out of my life
- Any television, movie, or video game outside of a social setting