Zero to One

I liked this book. My only gripe was that it was too short. But at least it didn't go on and on with the same material. One of my favorite points it that you're better off without direct competitors. Competition is a zero-sum game and you need to differentiate. The largest and most successful companies don't have any direct (identical) competitors. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"From the start, I wanted PayPal to be tightly knit instead of transactional. I thought strong relationships would make us not just happier and better at work but also more successful in our careers even beyond PayPal. So we set out to hire people who would actually enjoy working together. They had to be talented, but even more than that they had to be excited about working specifically with us."

"The perfect target market for a startup is a small group of particular people concentrated together and served by few or no competitors. Any big market is a bad choice, and a big market already served by competing companies is even worse"

"cut-throat competition means your profits will be zero"

"While a definitely optimistic future would need engineers to design underwater cities and settlements in space, an indefinitely optimistic future calls for more bankers and lawyers. Finance epitomizes indefinite thinking because it's the only way to make money when you have no idea how to create wealth. If they don't go to law school, bright college graduates head to Wall Street precisely because they have no real plan for their careers"