Infinite Reality

This was one of the most eye-opening books I read this year. It talks about virtual reality and how the lines continue to blur between software and reality. It actually reminded a lot of Ready Player One

My biggest takeaway from the book is that virtual worlds will soon be hard to distinguish from the real one. We already spend so much of our lives in front of a screen that it's already melded the two realities together. What you see on Facebook or Instagram is only a snapshot of reality, but we somehow conflate those moments with the lives of other people. 

The books also talks about the concept of immortality and how one can exist indefinitely, even if their body has long since passed. Videos can preserves and other mediums can preserve people from the past. In a sense, any mark you leave on the world is a form of immortality. What we post online stays indefinitely barring seismic shifts in how content is managed online.