Super Bowl Sunday Part 2 - Standing is the worst way to wait

After I left the Super Bowl party, it was time to meet up with my other friends at the Super Bowl after party. This was a party in Tribeca that I was only loosely related to since my friend got an acquaintance to invite us through another friend. Yeah. I didn't know the whole gist until I was standing in line, confused.

If there was one word I'd use to describe the people at the party, it would be "trendy". This is the glamorized New York that you always see depicted in media. Designer clothes, streetwear, and everything else mixed into one giant melting pot of (high-end) New York culture. Tastemakers and wannabes (me) all mixed together in one giant studio.

But let me back up first. I got to studio around 9:45pm and we ended up getting in around 10:30pm when the issues with the guest list were finally settled. The last time I sat down was at 9:10pm when I left the Super Bowl party. Everything from then on was just standing or walking. No wonder people pay extra to have tables.

When we finally got inside to coat check, I spotted a few minor celebrities. I couldn't tell you their names, but I've definitely seen their faces somewhere before. I've always wondered what it'd be like to be famous. Not in a prohibitive way where you can't do normal things, but in a way where people will know your work but not maul you by trying to take your picture.

We got upstairs and got some drinks and commented on the diversity of the crowd. Also took some photos in the photo booth. 

The studio itself was a really large, clean space. It was entirely white with ambient lighting that gave the entire place a very modern feel. It was also a really big loft, so it never felt too crowded. At least until the performances started.