Demoing the Oculus Rift

Today (January 30), I went to the Time Warner Cable Studios, lured in by a Game of Thrones exhibit. I was a little annoyed as they dragged us through a few other TWC properties that I had little to no interest in. However, the last exhibit was totally worth it. 

I read an article on Gizmodo about the Oculus Rift being at the Game of Thrones exhibit, and I knew I had to go. The Oculus Rift demo was really great for me, since I've been a big fan of what they're doing at Oculus since I first heard about the Kickstarter project. 

One thing that annoyed me slightly about the VR set was that the lenses were right up against my eyes, occasionally grazing them. Not sure if it was the way I was wearing them, or just how my face is laid out. I have had issues wearing certain glasses before.

For the most part, the experience was really awesome. I could turn my head up, 360 degrees, and be fully immersed in the elevator on the Wall. However, the experience was limited since I knew I was in a little steel cage, and couldn't run around, lest I run into a wall and make a complete fool of myself. It really forced me to imagine what the experience would be like if I had a treadmill underneath me that guided my motions. True immersion.

The screen was also a little low res, with the pixels being very very obvious. I normally can't tell the difference between a Retina screen or not, but these pixels detracted from the experience (something they'll definitely fix by the time they ship production units.

All in all, the Game of Thrones exhibit was mildly interesting with interesting artifacts from the show. The Oculus Rift was easily the highlight of the tour. I hope to get my hands on the Oculus Rift again some time in the future.

Here are some photos from the exhibit and some idea what it'd be like if I ruled the iron throne.

Oh. and I was also on ESPN Today. Today was an eventful day.