Super Bowl Sunday Part 1 - Bang!

My Super Bowl Sunday started with a trip to East Village. There, I watched the game with some friends and played Bang! for the first time. It's actually a really fun game and relatively short and less strategic compared to Settlers of Catan. They're actually two completely different games, but Catan has become my golden standard to compare other games to. I liked Bang! a lot since there was a game theoretical aspect to how the types of players should behave (each player is assigned an objective - Sheriff, Deputy, Outlaw, Renegade - and must act accordingly)

To win the game, the sheriff must kill all the outlaws while the outlaws must kill the sheriff. The deputy has the same goal as the sheriff, while the renegade must be the last person standing. The sheriff is the only person whose identity is revealed immediately to all the players. The renegade is incentivized to act as much like a deputy as possible, since their best strategy to win is to go head to head against the sheriff. Or maybe it's a good idea to act like an outlaw. I'm not well-versed in the game enough to come to a good conclusion. 

The game can be won with the correct signals sent amongst players that should cooperate (e.g. all of the outlaws). 

The Super Bowl game itself was very unremarkable; as someone with no stake in either team, I was just hoping for a close match-up and a dramatic fourth quarter. It turned out to be a good thing that the game was pretty much over after half-time. It gave us a chance to play Bang! a second time, and it made it easier to leave early to get to the Super Bowl after party that I was invited to in Tribeca.