Dev Bootcamp 2012

It’s been three years since I graduated Dev Bootcamp, so it seems like a good time to reflect my fortune and (a little) foresight. At the time, I knew I wanted to work in tech startups, but realized that there weren’t any entry-level positions for anyone with a business degree. Today, coding bootcamps are everywhere, with thousands of people every year looking to transition into software development as a career.

I went to the second class ever of Dev Bootcamp. It was a pretty big risk at the time since I had no true indication of quality besides some marketing materials and a gut instinct that this would be a valuable endeavor. But hey, a chance to spend summer in San Francisco didn’t seem too bad. I did it for the learning experience.

It’s really paid off and opened the doors to so many opportunities. It gave me the necessary skills and connections to continue to continuously learn and improve. It let me start my own company and build a product from scratch. I wouldn’t be at my current role without it.

I still really value my business degree though. It gave me a framework for understanding how companies navigate and grow. I feel like I’m a more effective software engineer because I have a grasp on how my contributions fit into the success of the company as a whole.

I’m so grateful to work in an industry that truly excites me, where I find fulfillment in work. I get to wear a lot of hats and strive towards my career goals. Dev Bootcamp was my launchpad and now I’m on a rocket ship.