San Francisco :)

San Francisco :)

What I’m doing now

I'm in my apartment in East Village. San Francisco trip was fun, saw over 10 friends and went to a bunch of museums.

Work has settled down a lot after the merger.

I'm very happy with how my habits I started in December are progressing.

Things I'm doing:

  • Morning habits
    • Meditation
    • Writing in my notebook
    • Skipping breakfast
    • Loose-leaf tea instead of coffee
  • Deep learning course
  • Going to the gym at least twice a week
  • Reading and learning
    • Started learning hiragana on a whim
  • Writing more
    • Notebook, journal, blog posts

Things I've done recently

  • SF Trip
  • Chinese New Year hotpot with family
  • Board game night
  • Korean BBQ

Last updated February 13, 2017